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accident at work

Accident at Work

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We will appoint a solicitor who has a very successful record in handling work injury claims. You will want to know that your solicitor is fighting hard for you and that maximum compensation will be negotiated for the accident at work you have sustained.

On occasions some employers can be negligent and do not ensure the safety of their employees, which can result in an accident at work.

There are various work accidents that happen as a result of the following but are not restricted to:

No lifting/manual handling training
The employer has a responsibility to ensure all employees are fully trained to do the job required and that lifting/manual handling training is given to any employees whose job involves such tasks. Lifting in an incorrect way can cause serious back injuries. If training has not been given and it resulted in an accident at work, you can claim compensation.

Poor Health and Safety
Full Health and Safety training is required to be given by the employer and the employee is to sign documents to confirm this has been conducted. If you have had an injury at work as a result of not being given Health and Safety training, you could claim for work injury compensation.

Faulty or unguarded machinery
Faulty or unguarded machinery should never be used. If your employer was aware of a problem with equipment and still expected you to use it which resulted in an injury, then there are grounds for a work injury compensation claim.

Slips, trips or falls due to obstructions or spillages
Slips, trips falls often happen in the work place due to the employer or a fellow employee leaving stock or dangerous obstructions in areas instead of tidying up after themselves. Everyone in the work place is required to observe the Health and Safety policy, if this has not been followed you could claim for accident at work compensation. Spillages on the floor, which are left without a warning sign in place are the cause of many accident at work claims.

Dangerous hazards
Dangerous hazards such as trailing cables, stock lying around or insufficient lighting are the main causes of hazards resulting in an accident at work and a injury claim for compensation.

Industrial Disease
Industrial diseases may not appear immediately and the symptoms may develop later on. However, in the working environment people can be affected and can sometimes be classed as industrial disease. Normally a personal injury compensation claim should be made within three years from the date of the cause of injury or illness. This time limit may be extended if you unaware of the cause of your symptoms until further down the line.

Faulty or damaged equipment such as ladders
Ladders can be extremely dangerous and require two people, one at the bottom holding and securing it, whilst the other person is using the ladder. Often due to staff shortages, there is no one available to hold the ladder, the employee is told to do the job and an accident at work will happen with someone being injured as the ladder slips. The ladder should be in a good state of repair and fit for use and on occasions are not. These are two common reasons for an accident at work compensation claim involving ladders.

Staff shortages, requires employees to work alone or at excessive speed Staff shortages, can often mean working too fast to complete a task. If there should be more people to do a job, than there are and an accident at work happens as a result, there are grounds for an accident at work claim.

Repetitive Strain Injury Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), is usually due to a production line worker doing the same hand, wrist or arm movements over a long period of time. The employer is required to ensure they rotate staff that work on a production line on a regular basis, moving them to a different type of job, to ensure they are not carrying out the same tasks for long periods of time. Medical advice needs to be taken to advise if the injury is due to RSI, if so a claim for work injury compensation can be made.

An accident at work book, should be held on-site to record all accidents and injuries that occur. Ensure this is filled in with the date, time, cause of your work accident, injuries you have sustained and names of witnesses if applicable.

You are entitled to claim work injury compensation from your employer within three years of the accident date.

Your employer is required to have insurance, to cover employees in the event of a work injury, to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. It is important to understand that your compensation claim will be paid by the insurance company and not your employer.

A medical assessment may be required to help determine the exact level of compensation you will receive based on all of your injuries and length of suffering. To see examples of injury compensation awards, please click on the link for our Work Injury Compensation Estimator.

Every year, thousands of people have accident at work claims and successfully claim work injury compensation with our help.

Whatever the cause of your accident and injury, please contact our friendly staff today. We will discuss your accident at work or work injury compensation with you, assess your claim and advise you accordingly. You can call us or use our enquiry form

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